Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby its BITTERcold outside!

Hello friends...

If only words could describe my weekend. Leaving at 6 am on thursday to head to D-Town! Good ol' Detroit Michigan for THE Bittercold Showdown XI 2011!!! I guess the only way I can describe it was just wow. I was in awe literally the entire weekend. Rollerblading has seriously made a huge impact on my life. Robbie has opened a door in my life that has just changed things. Getting into Detroit (a place that I have never been) and going into Modern Skate Park in Royal Oak Michigan. Seeing all the pros of rollerblading. The Shaun White or Tony Hawk of pro rollerblading! Haffey! Morales! Shima! Aragon! Broskow! Sizemore! Bah! Farmer! Montre! Jon Jon! I was just fucking star struck! These guys that I watch videos of, or read articles on are right in front of me! I couldn't believe it. Adam was saying "Dude they are just people. Like you and I." And although he is right, these guys are people I look up to. People I truly admire for their talent that mostly goes unnoticed by the people of this world. I just couldn't believe these guys were right in front of me! Not to mention that Robbie's brother made a flight from Miami to come with us. Let me tell you. That is one cool cat. He is polite, funny, and is just an all around great guy to be around. He was my session partner. Him and I skated a lot together. It was fucking awesome. I can't skate with Robbie, or Adam. They do shit I can't do. Where as Thom could skate with me. It was just such a great weekend. Seeing team Valo or Rollerblade or even my personal favorite Razors baby! It was just so fucking surreal! The trade show. Spending money on t-shirts, wheels, bearings, and decals! It was just so fucking awesome. Watching Aragon try a 630 back royale on the A-Frame or Cudot locking a full cab soul grind on the Gnar bar. Just so fucking amazing. Great park. Great people. Great parties. Great atmosphere. So freaking cool.

I was on facebook and saw a girl from back home have a status that talked about telling guys to "fucking show some emotion..." and I was INSTANTLY attracted. She told me to call her when I come home and I am actually going home this weekend most likely so I am interested to see how she is doing and catch up with her. But when I read that status of her saying that she wanted a guy to show her some emotion it just instantly attracted me. It made me realize that I have things that I am looking for. A girl looking for emotion and hopefully show emotion back. I want that. BAD!!!

To the girl who is emotionally struggling. I still hope the best for you. I am still attracted to you but realize now just isn't the time. If your not attracted to me okay. I can cope with that. But I just really want to help you. I wanna be there for you. You obviously are struggling. But when I ask you just say "I'm Ok".....(0_o).......I don't think that is true. And I always thought just screaming and shouting, ranting and venting is just a great way to help. And I will GLADLY be your punching bag. But I DO know what its like not wanting to talk about what your going through. I just wish I could help you. Hang in there. No matter what, you WILL wake up the next morning. Just remember that. I am here.

Ya know its kind of funny because I have quite a few other thoughts going through my head....but....people I know read this blog. But should I say some of these things? I mean that is the point of this blog right? To speak your mind? But if I do I might be an asshole....and I don't want that....honestly....I am trying to become a better person. Nah maybe I'll just keep them to myself....ponder them myself. Maybe tell McFall? Idk maybe. Guess we will just have to see.

Well I thought I was gonna have a great post but this one is not one of my bests...I don't even have a song....FUCK!

Sublime - The Wrong Way


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