Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello friends...

Got back from the cocktail party in good ol' St. Paul. Its a great time and a great city filled with great people. Alan is thinking that after I graduate which I must say isn't the worst idea I have had. I dealt with someone nagging about the cold. Nagging about the snow. Believed that Florida was God's gift to this world. But why? That's why they make coats. Hats. Gloves. I can handle it. St. Paul really is a great town. Hopefully somethin' can work out.

But what would this world be if there was no drama! Ha! Well it didn't involve me so I guess that is a little better. But it is between two of my good friends. And I was helping her out. I was trying to help her out with her "situation." But what is so crazy is I am telling her things that I was told myself and I just didn't want to believe them. But here I go just spitting it all back to her. Just thought that was pretty interesting. It felt interesting.

This year's cocktail party had $400+ worth of liquor and almost $70 worth of mixers. Good time. Good people. Good memories.

Hopefully my Valentines Day date is still on. I keep throwing myself off but McFall is keepin' your boy on the ground. He's helpin' me out. And for that once again I am grateful.

Takin' it one day at a time, and always remembering, I'll wake up in the morning.

Have a good night everyone

Wonderwall - Oasis


P.S. - Julianne, you don't need to take comments like being up tight or not smiling enough so personally. Your a beautiful girl with that...I guess spunk is the first word that comes to mind. If your happy, than that's good enough. We all just like seein' you smile!

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