Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When the curtains are pulled back!

Hello friends...

These past couple days I have learned to live life in a COMPLETELY different way than what I was used to. It's weird. It's like I have to re-discover myself. I feel a little uncomfortable and uneasy but I know that as time passes on it will just fall into place. I encounter different situations that I just don't know how to approach them and how I should take them on. What do I do? Who am I dealing with? What do I say? WHAT?! What am I suppose to be?

To the girl who has had things devastate her life as of recently. I wanna say I know what your going through. I wanna say I have been there. But if I do your gonna think im self centered....oh wait....you already do....you specifically told me why I can't get girls. You told me that I am an asshole, jerk, and self-centered. I have openly said that I like you....a lot. But you call me a "friend". So once again I ask. What do I do? Anything? Nope. Just live my life. Not gonna text you. Won't message you. Just let life happen. Leave you alone. And if you come to me? Well I would be happy. Pretty damn happy. But I will let fate decide what the hell happens. Because sometimes the best thing to do is.......well nothing. Do nothing. Hows that for pressing too hard?

I told McFall what I wanted. It's simple. One thing. Just one little thing. Will I get it? Man I hope so. Cuz I need one.......bad

Today I watched a video. I am not going to tell you what it was of. I am not going to tell you who was in it. But when I watched this video I proved to myself that the statement I made last night is true. No the video wasn't porn. Get your damn mind out of the gutter. But this girl just did one little thing. One little thing that just made my get weak at the knees and fall. Hard. Man. I just want to find that girl who can trigger than same reaction to me in real life. Does anyone else have these feelings? They are the best. When someone does something so small but makes your jaw drop and say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Happens to me alot. Unfortunately they don't happen TOWARDS me. But if I can get a girl to just do that once, I'd be a very happy boy.

Fuck this blog is working out well.

So what do I do next? Nothing? Ok.....

Well here I sit!

Bloody Beetroots - Rombo


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