Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello Friends...

I have a question. Do I not get life? Am I missing something? Do I see life as something that isn't real? Or true? Am I truly a bad person when I think I am not? I have heard a lot people say "Jake, you deserve better." Or that I am a nice guy and some girls would be lucky to have me. And for those people who have said ANYTHING relatively similar to that I want to thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I think those people know who they are.

But if I deserve better, why haven't I gotten it? Why do I get some of the things I get in this world? Am I suppose to be grateful? Am I suppose to see my life as perfect and always have a smile on my face? (I honestly might be suppose to. I honest to God don't know) Am I selfish prick who thinks to highly for himself? (I honestly might be. I just need someone to tell me!)

I try everyday of my life to look as handsome and look like this is my last day on earth. I try to look appealing to people, especially girls. If I put product in my hair, I don't wear a hat. I won't wear a stocking cap in 10 degree weather. I will always wear jeans. I hate wearing sweatpants in public. I feel sluggish. I feel like a dirtbag. (no offense to people who do wear them in public) I wear cologne. I NEVER go out in public with bed head or hat hair. Ever. Because I believe I look unattractive. I just try really hard to look pleasing.

Am I just crazy? Do I think about things too hard? Do I expect to much? Please. I just want someone to tell me. Is there a truth? Or is it all just opinions? Fuck I really have no idea. Do I look attractive to girls? Do I think too hard? Am I too dramatic? Can I be myself? Can anyone actually handle me being myself?

I just don't know. Is there a truth?

Wow this blog was fucking worthless. I apologize for this garbage of a post...

The Suit - Just Dance


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