Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution Revolution Realized

Hello Friends...

How are we? Excellent. My I have so much on my mind and no way of putting it into words.

I am going to start with this. Ready? Ok. So remember how I asked what I should do for my new years revolution? Yeah? Cool. Good to see that were on the same page. Ok well I believe I have come up with a resolution. But not just one resolution. Multiple resolutions. Once again, Zach McFall has given me words of wisdom .He said my resolution needs to involve. Me. Jake. He said that no one else matters. Do things for myself. So you might be asking yourself "Gee golly gosh Jake, what is your resolution!?" Well ladies and gents. Its going to be............



My resolution is to do things for myself. I have had a couple people tell me, "Jake, you should quit smoking!" Well sorry folks. That may not happen. I love a good cig. I love the experience. I love sitting and thinking. Thinking about life, love, and laughter. People may be thinking "Jake, you shouldn't drink so much!" Why? Because I am on anti-deps? Hmmmm well sorry again folks. Just not gonna happen. I am in COLLEGE! That's what we do. I drink for fun. I drink alot....for fun. I drink to get my mind away from certain things. Panic and anxiety attacks. My conscience. My demon inside me. Wanna know a secret? 2 Nyquils and a sleeping pill, incredible feeling. So much relaxation. Your heart is just simply beating a quiet, calm, peaceful beat. "Gee Jake that doesn't sound good..." Well sorry folks..."Jake you should stop texting/talking to the Dreamgirl." Why? It's not bringing me down. It is not hurting me. I want to talk to her. So why can't I? Why? You can't tell me I can't. You just can't. If I wanna talk to her, I'm going to. If this turns out to hurt me, then I will take full responsibility. I don't need your help. I have doctors and pills for that. But right now, I don't think she is going to hurt me. I am going to talk to her.......for myself. "Jake I don't know if you should get a cat!" Why? I want to take on the task for being responsible for my own pet. I want to challenge myself but I also want to try and give this cat the best life I can. "Well Jake what if you get an internship somewhere far? What if you can't afford him?" Well my one and only objective is to try and give this cat the BEST life I can. If I can't? Then I have to give him away. But you better fucking believe, I am going to try EVERYTHING in my own fucking power to give this cat the best life I can give it.

Ladies and gentlemen tonight I had a moment where my jaw literally dropped. You may or may not know that I have been watching a new show. Dexter. Very deep, dark, yet humorous show. If you have not watched it, I suggest giving it a shot. If your bored just give it a shot. (Even better when you watch it after popping 2 nyquils and a sleeping pill...) But I am not going to go deep into the plot of the entire show but I just finished season 2 on Netflix and just had to find out what happened in seasons 3 4 and 5. Especially season 4 because I have heard that it was one of the greatest season finales in TV history. So I decided to go to Wikipedia and read the plots for the seasons. As I read season 4's plot, I literally sat in awwww. I couldn't believe the ending. So what did I do? I went to YouTube and watched it. And I can honestly say, I have teared up for very few things on TV but after following this show, this scene truly hit me. It truly got to me. Truly amazing how much that ending messed with me. Something I will never forget. Truly one of the greatest endings to a season in TV history. Easily one of the best I have ever seen...

Tonight I can't stop listening to the song Forever by Chris Brown. The beat? Sick. Vocals? Moving. Why am I telling you this? Idk cuz I feel like it? Dreamgirl you remind me of this song? Ringtone? Yeah at one point, but its about dancing. Your passion? Dancing. Definitely respectable. You know what I am picturing? A club. Lights flashing, shits glowing. And there we are. Dancing. Having fun. Loving and living life. Another dream? Yup. Gonna happen? Nope prolly not.

1. See a dance to The Wind by Cat Stevens
2. Dance alone to Forever
3. ???

Reality? No. Dream? Yes

Oreo I hope your ready buddy. Daddy is comin to get you real soon!

McFall, your the man.

Once again in the words of the Man

Daily Dose- with a side of Oreo


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