Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello Friends...

Time is truly a funny funny thing. I can turn on you quicker than heartbeat. One minute your on top of the world, the next, your in the sewage looking for scraps. Things have startled to crumble for me now. I have to regain back what I had and get my spirits up. Elena is gone. Gone forever. Her love? Friendship? Her? No more. Things with Oreo fell through. His life will never exist because of me. I am now many many steps backward and I have to pick myself up. I have to. I can not stay in the sewage, or I just won't make it. I just won't.

I wanna find that "one." The "one" that fits me. That loves the things I love. I can't wait her. Beautiful. Kind. Fun. God she is great. Unfortunately like momma said "She's not just gonna come knock on your apartment door..."

I was standing up at one point. I was. On my own feet. I didn't need anybody's help. I saw that light. Left the darkness behind me. I kept walking away from it. I kept walking just to realize it was darkness ahead of me. Not light...

Oasis-Champagne Supernova


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