Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello Friends...

I guess I am the only one now that likes to blog! haha

Had lunch with Mom, Dad, Brant and Lydia. We went to Olde Main. It was very good. Brant and Lydia are doing great planning their wedding. They already have a DJ, recpetion area, wedding area, food, etc. Pretty crazy. I am very excited for that day. It will definitely be a great memory. Unfortunately I don't have a date yet. I don't know how I am gonna find one. I hope I can find one though. I want to find a girl who is gorgeous and so much fun. A girl who doesn't worry about not knowing any of my family, or feeling awkward. Just a girl who is happy to live the experience with me. Have her know that that day means alot to me too seeing as how this is my only sibling. I really hope I can find her. She exist?

I gave mom the ER bills. I can't believe I have her as a mother. Her reaction to the bills just astounded me really. She didn't get mad. She didn't scream or didn't yell. I mean she was too happy but she didn't have a heart attack...Very surprising seeing as how it was over a thousand dollars. I'm a very lucky son. Then to put a cherry on top, her and dad gave me a stuffed teddy bear to cuddle with because they were sorry that I couldn't get Oreo. I almost teared up...(don't judge me) I just thought it was such an awesome thing for them to do. I am definitely a lucky son...

Heard that the weather was gonna get shitty soon which would really really blow because I have been extremely stressed lately about somethings. And one thing I really need is a trip to St. Paul. Cocktail parties are the best. Gettin to dress up. Do some drinking. See some gorgeous women. Have a great time. Take my mind off of things. It's just really what I need. And the fact that McFall is comin' just makes it that much more awesome.

Still feelin' a little depressed unfortunately. Last night I had a really really really bad dream involving Elena and some of her friends and also a girl who I had a pretty big crush on in high school. It really really hit me hard this morning. When you wake up and realize that everything you just went through mentally is all fiction. Just made things that much more stressful. Even when I take my sleeping pill I still dream about her and it does nothing but cause me stress. Think I'm gonna skate Tuesday. Really hope that can help alleviate some of that stress. Knowing I don't talk to her yet she can still read this. Makes it a little harder for me. But I have built some strength. Just gotta use it. Plus it has helped having people like McFall and Julianne to talk to. Especially Julianne cuz that poor girl will sometimes get a text at like 11 at night lol. Past her bedtime!

McFall I need my daily dose more daily!

Story of the Year - Just Close Your Eyes


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