Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hopeless Romantic

Hello Friends...

Before you read this post, I really want you to do something. Either pull up YouTube or iTunes and listen to the song Never Let Me Down by Kanye West. Please do it. I want you to listen to that song while you read this. The last rap on that song is the best rap I have ever heard and will be till the day I die. His voice. His words. His expressions. I believe are so strong that it really should touch you. And if it doesn't, listen to it again. Trust me...It will.... The rap starts around 2:48 in the song. Just listen to it. Please.

Am I one? I might be. I fall quickly. I fall for people very quickly. And when I fall, I fall quickly. I can't explain it. I believe that I am suppose to be with someone. And I believe that there is someone out there for me. One who fits me. Who fits my personality. My sense of humor. My outgoingness. She is friendly. Kind. Beautiful. Willing. Spontaneous. Open. She is perfect. And if and when I meet her, I am going to fall so hard, so fast. I can only hope that that happens very very soon. Maybe it's already happened? Maybe.

I have a few dreams. A dream of a girl treating me like a king. Me coming home and there she is waiting for me. Lingerie. Naked. Fully clothed. Doesn't matter. I have a preference. But it doesn't matter. Because I know that she will be there waiting for me. She is waiting. Excited to see me. So excited to see me walk in that door that she drops everything to spend time with me. I want her to do things for me. Meaningful things. Things that mean so much to me. Without me even asking. I am such an emotional person. And one thing I would love the most is to share my emotions with. I want to things for her that just make her fall. Make her weak. Make her want me even more. I want to do that for her. Smell good. Look good. Do things for her. Can I do that? I personally think, no I can't. I am not the most attractive guy in the world. But I sure as hell try. And I can only hope she feels and knows that I have tried everything I can for her.

A few posts ago, I was talking about seeing the Dreamgirl dance to the song The Wind by Cat Stevens. I want a girl who can do that. Who is willing to do that. Because it means something to me. It would mean alot to me.

Someone has told me that I need to live in reality. But why? Why can't I live in fantasy? The fantasies, dreams, thoughts, and hopes make me so happy. I don't wanna live in reality. I can't handle reality. I am not strong enough.

Do I need to get out of fantasy and live in reality? Is it reality that someone for me doesn't exist? Is it reality that I can't have Dreamgirl dance for me and me only? Maybe. Probably. Well then I'm going back to fantasy.

"If I'm on the highest cliff of the highest riff and you slipped of the side and clinched on to your life into my grip. I would never. Ever. Let you down."

Hope I touched you.


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  1. What, no Panchero's waiting for you when you get home?