Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Truth pt. 2

Hello Friends....

Well I just got done with a cig and I have "some thoughts"

1. All you girls who are BEAUTIFUL that have a personality of a FUCKING NAIL IN A BOARD I only have one thing to say.......FUCK YOU!!!!

2. I have THE BEST FRIENDS ever. I was looking at old pics of mine that just make me miss EVERYTHING about my past. A girl who truly loved me (before she cheated) and the best get togethers EVER! I will debate ANYONE! BRING IT!




1 comment:

  1. wait you dont like the personality of nail in a board? How could you not like talking to girls that are less responsive than a wall.? Theres no need to hate them for it. You just laugh, walk away, and realize what a waste. Before i turn my comment into a short blog im going to stop. peace Love and Crabs son.