Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Truth

Hello Friends...

Well hasn't shit been eventful lately!? Man! Thursday night!? Wow. The Ripperger and the Cream Puff truly showing how to REALLY drink wine!!!! Preach to you both!!! You both ladies can hold your liquor!! I am very impressed. Both of you honestly. But Jenn! Gotta give props to Jenn cuz she has her hookups! Kelly!!!!! WORD!!!!

But I have to say something. This post is gonna be selfish. Ok I get it. I am cocky. I have a selfish personality. I get it. I understand. I believe that I have this "swagger" that I believe makes me! That's who I am! I believe that I am a VERY good guy. If you need a drink, a favor, or even a place to sleep, I am the one to give it to you!!!! I believe that I would be willing to do anything for anyone!!! Whether your a CHEATER or a LIAR! Maybe someone that doesnt have a place to crash! I believe that I am one of the kindest as far as something like that. I will scratch your back. Make sure you can get home safe. I would give you food. I will drive you. I don't care because I believe that I am the kind of guy who expects that in return!!!! Ok so I am cocky. Ok so I think I am a great guy. I believe I have great intentions. But I realize that I am not the most attractive guy. I realize that I don't look that great with a shirt off. I realize that I may be overweight. But you know what!? This semester I at one point thought about committing suicide. Something happened in my life that made me wanna take my own life! Things were so low that I literally wanted to kill myself. People in my life literally made me want to kill myself. But you know what!? I stuck through it! I lived through it! I made it!!!! I am still here! ALIVE!!! I thought "FUCK NO!!!" I made it through!!! And for that I wanna give myself a pat on the back!!!! (Ok sorry Cream Puff I am being cocky right now.) I understand that I am cocky. Go ahead. Attack me for it! Go ahead! But you know what? I believe I am a great guy! I believe that I am strong and am willing to take ANYONE on!!!!! I may lose but you know what!? I have that PASSION!!!! I do!!! If you knock me down I GET BACK UP!!!!!!! I am patting myself on the back for getting through this semester after everything that has happened to me!!! I MADE IT!! I AM STILL ALIVE!!!! I made it! This semester is over!!! I fought my demons!!! I fought my conscience!!! I WON!!! I am still alive!!! I am still 6 feet above ground!!! God put so many distractions and things that tested my heart and soul and I STILL MADE IT ALIVE!!!! You know how in my last post I gave away some awards? Well I have an award. Strongest person. ME!!!!!!!! Thats right ladies and gentlemen!!! I had cunts, liars, bitches, fags, and real fuckheads around me. AND I AM STILL STANDING!!!

Sorry to everyone who deserves to be in hell!!!! I AM STILL HERE!!! I SURVIVED!!!! I AM STILL STANDING!!!!

And that is EVERYONE's TRUTH!!!!



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