Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To whoever the fuck this concerns...

Ok i get it. I fucking get it. Today is not my day. Today is not my fucking day. I fucking get it. I fucking knew the fucking minute I got up I knew it wasn't goin to be my fucking day.

I don't fucking care if im getting am vibe from most of my friends that makes me feel that they don't fucking want me around. I don't fucking care if I feel like my closest fucking friends are actng like I'm worthless and dont want me around. I don't fucking care that my closest friends are being fucking douches to me. I don't care that the once love of my fucking life betrays me and fucks and hooks up with other fucking guys while she is with or without me. I don't care that the person I dedicated my fucking life to and gave everything I fucking had to goes and commits one of the biggest fucking acts of betrayal and smashes
Me fucking heart beyond repair! She goes And fucking jerks the fuck out of someone thT I have fuckin known since third grade. Fucks a dude the first fucking night she meets him. I don't fucking care that my friends and loved ones aren't fucking giving a fuck about anything! I don't fucking care!!! I just don't fucking know why it fucking has to be me! I have A broken fucking heart a fucked up life. I'm taking pills, smoking, and talking to a counselor and yet this still fucking happens to me!!! Why?! Why the fuck does this have to happen to me! I am trying to be the best fucking person I can fucking be. I'm trying my hardest to find out who the fuck I am!!!

I still fucking text her! I still wanna talk to her! But she is the one who deserves this! Why is this happening to me?! WHY!!?? Im gonna wanna write her an email. And I won't fucking hear back from her till she is fucking gone!!! Why the fuck me?!

Whhy the fuck do my friends treat me like shut and the girl I love commits the biggest dishonorable act but I'm the one getting fucked?! I'm just trying to fucking be me!!!!

I can't fucking to this anymore. The help. The pills. Fuck
It!!! I can't do it!

Why the fuck meeeee?!?!

Fuck you!!!!!

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