Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hahahahahahahahaha well here ladies and gentlemen.

Lets lay this out real quick...
First of all. Elena Riley. Yes I am talking to you. Fuck off. Don't get anywhere near me. Stay the fuck away from me. Do NOT text me. Do NOT email me. Please for my own sake and sanity GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FUCKING LIFE!!! I just can't fucking do it anymore. I write you. Text you. Do all that I can to get a hold of you. And what do you do? Email once in a while, bait me in, then torture me more. I can't fucking do it anymore. I just can't. It's not fucking worth it at all! I need to be around people who actually CARE for me! They WANT to be around me. They want to SEE me! They DO NOT LIE to me!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Why am I going to chase someone who won't chase me back? BAHAHAHAHA! It's not fucking worth it! In anyway shape or form!!!

I hope that you find all sorts of fucking guys and make out with them, jerk them off, fuck 'um, I don't fucking know. But you have done all of those with guys that you  either met on the first night AND/OR with people I have known since fucking ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!! Seriously!? Really!? Your gonna be that kind of person!?

You are a fucking two faced ass hole. You tell me how much you care and love for me yet you go and do that? You know what, take Jeff, Colby, Fellipi, Matt, whoever the fuck you want and do whatever the fuck you want to them. DO IT! Because you would do something like that.

You fucking lie, hurt, torture, and crush people for your own fucking sake!!! I want NOTHING to do with anyone like that. You are a fucking liar. I want nothing to do with it.

Go ahead and show this to all your friends. Try and make me the bad person. When in reality you are the heartless individual who can CHEAT AND LIE to someone after a 5 year relationship. Your the liar. Your the one who fucked up. Go ahead and try and make it look like I'm the wrong one. The bad person. Go ahead. It's something you would do anyways.

Have fun fucking anybody and lying about it to me.



It's your fucking NIGHTMARE!!!!

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