Thursday, November 4, 2010


First of all I'm just gonna say it. McFall is the man. He is. He understands life. He get's it. He is someone who is willing to help anybody when they need it. He's a good dude who just wants to have a good time with good people. Good guy. Good guy.

I wanna tell a little story. Tonight I went out with McFall and some other people. (Gotta visit that Long Island...) Tonight I met a girl. Her name? Meaghan. Yes thats how you spell it. M E A G H A N. Its those Irish roots! Well anyways tonight we were chatting away. I struck up a conversation and got to know her. That's all that I did. I chatted with her while McFall did his own thang! Well anyways. She just got up and left. She just left. Hey I gotta go. Cya. And left. Later that night the gang decided to head over to Sips to start cuttin' some rugs. Guess who I saw!!!! Thats right! Those ol' IRISH EYES! The look on her face was fucking priceless. PRICELESS!!! She knew she just got caught. Later on I was chillin at Sips. Cuttin rugs. Hangin out with good people! So when I went home I realized that the Brickstone Place. The apartments across the streets from my building had their fire alarm going off. All these people in sweats and blankets are freezing to death because some drunken idiot pulled the fire alarm. Well as I walked by guess who I say!!!! THATS RIGHT!!! THOSE IRISH EYES!!!! She looked fucking miserable!!! It was just fucking hilarious! The look she gave me when she realized who I was. I would do anything just to see that one more time. Well anyways that just made me laugh. I guess here is my point. In this world there are girls who are fucking terrible. Worthless. Heartless. Disgusting people. Girls who are selfish, heartless, and could give a fuck about anybody BUT herself. There are girls who are liars. Not loyal. CHEATERS! Girls who don't care about other peoples emotions and feelings. Girls who will do what they want no matter what. CHEATERS! LIARS! BACKSTABBERS! Well ladies and gentlemen I believe that there is a certain level of KARMA! KARMA!!!! Karma does fucking exist in this world. If you LIE! CHEAT! HURT people. You better fucking believe that KARMA will be coming to get you! WATCH OUT!!!! I wish this fucking world could get rid of those girls. They do nothing but lie, cheat, and hurt people who try and do nothing but the best. Those people need to disappear. They need to leave. They have no business being around people who mean nothing but the best. Liars. CHEATERS! People who hurt other people need to just get the fuck out of here. They need to be gone. Guys who cheat on women and WOMEN who CHEAT on MEN!!! They all need to fucking get out of here and go to their own fucking place where all those heartless, gutless people can be together. FUCK YOU!

I just tell you to text me just a little more. I talk to you. I send you texts. I write you messages. What do you do? NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!!! Your gonna try? Your gonna try!? Your HARDEST!? This is your hardest!? Are you fucking kidding me!? You don't give a fuck! You just don't! You don't fucking love me. You DO NOT wanna see me. You miss me? Fine. You DO NOT wanna see me. I am just gonna quit. I hate being in this pain to just get nothing in return. What am I to do? Weep? Cry? What? Why can't I get something back that I deserve!? Why? I am just trying to be the best person I can be. Why can't you just fucking take 10 fucking minutes of your time!? Just write me back!! Its not that hard!! You fucking know it!

Watch out mother fuckers! KARMA will get you!!!


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