Thursday, November 25, 2010

Catch Up

Hello Friends....

Wow. I have been very late in writing my blogs. Wow. I haven't written one in atleast a week and a half or so. That's crazy. Julianne has been writing. Jennifer has been writing. McFall has been behind but he writes the best blogs so he gets a "Get out of jail for free" card.

It's been very very nice to be at home. Lots and lots of laundry to do!!! Holy shit! Crazy.

Had a very very good turkey day. Dad smoked our turkey and it was beyond delicious. Words can't begin to describe how flavorful it was. Props to the Pops. Ha props to the pops. Thats funny. But I got to see my Gram Gram which means alot to me. It just sort of makes me sad every time I see her because Pella has a depressing feeling to me. Just so little and dead. And seeing her knowing she is there by herself just makes me sad. She really isn't doing all that well. She is confused. Life is just hard to her right now and it just kills me inside. I have never met a sweeter, kinder lady and I can gurantee my life I never will...

I love you Gram Gram

Fuck I had a huge feeling to blog and now I don't have that feeling anymore. I am sitting in my pitch black
bedroom. Listening to music. Right now? Beatles. Awesome. Yesterday. Awesome song. Very touching.

Things between the dreamgirl and I have been great. It feels great. It feels right. After things that have thrown me into the lowest of lows have happened and yet I still am connected to her. I can't stop.

Has anyone ever heard the song "The Wind" by Cat Stevens? It was in various movies but the movie I had in mind was "Almost Famous." Have you seen that movie? By FAAAAAR and away one of the greatest movies ever. Anyways. In the movie this song plays and it is a scene of Kate Hudson just dancing around on a floor that had a concert on it. It is just a very touching scene. This song is such a great song. So smooth. So calming. If I could do anything right now I would sit in an auditorium by myself and watch the Dreamgirl dance to this. I would do anything right now to make that happen. Her dancing really does touch me. I am so proud to watch her dance. Man I have too many dreams...

Dreams can come true though....


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