Sunday, October 24, 2010


Man oh man. What a weekend. Decided I would come home for the weekend. Friday was a little crazy. Riding home with Weems, listening to Eminem, Armin van Buuren, and the Bloody Beat wow. Then that night went to IC and saw a bunch of people from highschool. Some really really good friends. Tonight went to an INCREDIBLE restaurant in Mt. Vernon called "The Lincoln Cafe" with my family, brother and his fiance, and her parents. Man what a crazy restaurant. They don't serve alcohol but you can bring your own. Hahaha my mom and my bro's fiance's mom downed like a bottle and a half of wine. Man that was awesome. I love my family and my family to be!

After that met up with Weems and went to the Red Lion which is a bar here in CR and met up with his parents and some of their friends. Man those are some fun people to drink with. No doubt about it. Then Weems and I went to Dublin City Pub which is another bar here. Man, I just don't know what to say about that place. I just can't explain it. Especially on a blog lol. But after that we went back to my place and had some smokes and smoked a Cohiba along with some beers on my porch and just chatted. Great great time.

Btw lets talk about a football club known as the Iowa State Cyclones. Pulling off an unforgettable upset against the #19 ranked team in the nation in Texas AT TEXAS! Just unreal. Get smoked at home by Utah. Get obliterated on the road next week by 50 some points and then go into Austin and beat a team who just beat a top ten team the week before. Just an incredible incredible situation. Big ups to CPR and the team. Way to be boys. Proud to be a cyclone!

Rams game next weekend. Can't explain how pumped I am for that. Especially because I found out that my brother is going too and the seats we have are REAL REAL nice! Get the fuck outta Ames and do something REAL! Fuck you Ames, I'm outta there!


P.S. The brilliant mind of Zach McFall and I are going to start writting as a team of epicness. So pumped for that...

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