Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They go up and strippers booties go!

Hello friends...

I am sitting here. In the kitchen and I thought to myself..."Self! Why do you have split personalities all the time?" Seriously, yesterday I had a rough rough day. My thoughts were rough, my conscience was attacking me, and it just wasn't a good day...But today, today was a good day. I was happy. Cheerful. My old talkitive self. Having great conversations with Mr. McFall and Jordain. I just wish I knew why my emotions change so quickly. Why do I just not wanna see a single face and then when I talk to Neske, I just can't help but be goofy. Why? Is it bad? Do girls find that unattractive? I try my hardest just to keep it in so that it doesn't effect or bother anyone else. I don't think I am very good at hiding it but idk. I mean yesterday things were hurtin' a little bit but the Steph said she would come out with me! I was so pumped! I've wanted to go out with this girl for a long long time. I remember back in highschool how happy she made me feel. She treated me like a king. She treated me like I meant something to her. It made me feel great. I wish I had that now really. But I think I messed it up. Fuck me :-/

Well its almost 5 pm. and I have to get ready to make social hour orderves (no I don't feel like spelling that right...)

I love you all.
Dear women of ISU. You all are very gorgeous. I mean it.

Snoop Dogg - Boom (<---thats fire! just ask McFall)

Need it to be Thursday...

J uno tres

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